Distance Learning

What is Distance Learning?


We can define distance learning, or correspondence education, as a form of education where there is physical distance between the student and the instructor. This definition of distance learning implies that the student does not attend traditional classes or lectures, but is free to study from a location of his or her choice. Correspondence education can incorporate self-study, virtual or online learning, assistance from instructors via instant messaging/telephone/e-mail, as well as written assignments and examinations.

What are the advantages?

There are many benefits or advantages to distance learning. Some of these include the following:

  • Where can I study via Distance Learning?

    With the major technological developments that have taken place, communication methods have become much quicker, simpler and more accessible.

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Why should I choose Taal-Net Training Institute?

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N1 - N3 - R 1 300 per subject plus R 350.00 registration fee.
N4 – N6 - R 1 500 per subject plus R 350.00 registration fee.
For you to obtain a certificate you are required to do a minimum of four (4) subjects.

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